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  The author, Mr. Yu Jingchuan, began to love astronomy and Science Fiction in 1980. That year, Mr. Li Yuan who is the founder of BEIJING PLANETARIUM has created a group of pictures on space art called Wandering on star World.

  These pictures made Mr.Yu try to create works on space art and science fiction art from his childhood to his college years. In 1991, under the instruction of Mr. Li Yuan, Mr. Yu started to do deep research and creations on space art.

  His works were published by more than 30 newspapers and magazines in China, the United states and Japan. He has staged several Individual Picture Shows, which are supported by the agency of SCIENCE FICTION WORLD, and BEIJING PLANETARIUM.

  He is the first artist who staging individual picture show on space art and science fiction art in China. Is International Association of Astronomical Artists member (IAAA),and BEIJING PLANETARIUM space Artists.                                                                     


Yu jingchuan Space Art Works Exhibition



  When the Beijing Planetarium was founded in October 1957, the first world-famous Space Art works exhibition was exhibited at the Circular Gallery hall of Beijing planetarium.

  After more than 50 years, at the same place, you will appreciate Chinese famous space art works.


Shake Hands with Mr.ALEXEI LEONOV(the Astronaut the space art Artist of Russia)

in the Individual Art Show in 1997.



Yu Jingchuan Space Art show in the showBeijing Planetarium 2008


Yu Jingchuan Space Art show in the Beijing Planetarium 2008



Yu Jingchuan Space Art show in the Beijing Planetarium 2009




Yu Jingchuan and Jon Lomberg in the Beijing Planetarium 2010



Yu Jingchuan Space Art Works 2011




Yu Jingchuanand and Ukraine ambassador be to the Space Art Works front 2011




Yu Jingchuan Space Art show in the Beijing Planetarium 2012



  Space Art in China

    The first people who introduced Space Art to China is Mr. Li Yuan who is a famous Chinese astronomer and the founder of Beijing Planetarium.

Li Yuan

Beijing Planetarium

  Mr. Li Yuan was influenced by Chesley Bonestell `s Space Art in 1944, then he applied himself to introduce, collect and comment on Space Art. It¨s more then 60 years till now. When Beijing Planetarium was founded and opened in 1957, he gathered some artists who imitated the Europe and US `s Space Art works preserved by Mr. Li Yuan . And all the paintings were hung in the Planetarium. This is the first Space Art exhibition in China.

  In 1984, Mr. Li Yuan invited US¨s Space Artist Chesley Bonestell and Japanese Space Artist Kazuaki Iwasaki to China. In Beijing Planetarium a significance exhibition was held, and then this exhibition was held in many big and middle cities. This is the biggest Space Art propaganda in China.

  From 1984, after Mr. Li Yuan `s propaganda, many foreign Space Art works were published in some kind of science and technology magazines. From then on, there are some Chinese Space Artists appeared in China.


  At present, there are some influenced Space Artists, Mr. Yu Jingchuan, Mr. Wu Tongchun, Mr. Liu Wei and so on. Mr. Yu Jingchuan, whose Space Art works were published in more then 40 magazines, held the first personal Space Art exhibition.

Yu Jingchuan

  On December 12th,2004, When the new building of Beijing Planetarium was founded, Chinese Space Art works exhibition which was launched by Mr.Yu Jingchuan was opened and attained many achievement. On March 15th,2006, a exhibition was opened in China Science and Technology Museum. The topic of this exhibition is to review the Space Art, and all the exhibits were Mr. Li Yuan `s preservings from 60 years ago to present.

Li Yuan and Yu Jingchuan

March 15th,2006 International Space Art show



An exhibition hall

  Now, Space Art is familiar with Chinese people. On July 6th 2006, in the new exhibits of Beijing Planetarium, Mr. Yu Jingchuan combined the sense of Space Art with the new exhibits and united the supernatural astronomy and the Space Art, attained great success.

Beijing Planetarium exhibition hall


Beijing Planetarium exhibition hall


  In today¨s < Amateur Astronomer > , the introduction of Space Art could be found in each magazine. And now there is a activity of collecting Space Art works. In this magazine, there are also general introduction about IAAA, it could make more Chinese readers acquaint with IAAA.

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